Speaking and Advocacy

Motivational Speaking and Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy


Dustin delivers an inspiring message about never giving up and the power of a positive attitude. In his speech “What Are You Gonna Do Now?” Dustin tells a vivid story about being he would never walk again and the challenges of becoming a paraplegic. Through his unforgettable story about overcoming the odds Dustin hopes you will leave motivated and ready to take on your own personal challenges.

“I haven’t stopped thinking ‘What am I Going to Do Now’ when life throws me a curveball- it’s truly changed my outlook on life.”

-Lindsey H., Orville, OH

“After hearing Dustin’s speech I was humbled about the things I take for granted every-day and motivated to think about the steps I need to take to overcome my trials.”

-Ashley M., Salt Lake City, UT

“Dustin presented at our school and I believe his message will stay with our students and faculty for a lifetime.”

-John B., Baggs, WY

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